Zemochs are the native inhabitants of the region of the same name. Some are pureblood Styrics, although in most cases they do not accept the authority of Styricum; others are pureblood Elenes, though some likewise do not accept the authority of the Elene Church or any kingdoms outside of their own; the rest are "hybrids" of the two races, and are largely regarded as "abominations" by both other races. While the common people are largely harmless and uninterested in conflicts with the other nations, the priests and higher ranking officials serve to instigate violence against outsiders (due in no small part to the influences of Otha and Azash); consequently, the Zemochs have also been traditionally treated as a viable military threat.

Following the destruction of Azash, however, the Zemochs reverted to a frightened and harmless state, and though still treated with suspicion, they were largely left alone by the other kingdoms.

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