Yar Nadrak is the capital of the country of Gar og Nadrak and the seat of the current King Drosta's power.

Garion, Silk, and Belgarath visit Yar Nadrak in Enchanter's End Game, and then it is mentioned occasionally in passing in the second series.

There are three main buildings mentioned in Yar Nadrak: (1) the palace of the King, (2) the despicable (and according to Vella, the foulest and really revolting) tavern, The One-Eyed Dog, also where Drosta did most of his unofficial business under the guise of 'blessing' Nadrak girls, and (3) the office of Silk and Yarblek's far-flung empire, which was in a cavernous loft (described in the Seeress of Kell as "filled with bales of fur and deep-piled Mallorean carpets") and run by Zelmit.

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