Queen Xantha is the Queen of the Dryads. She is Queen Ce'Nedra's 'Aunt'


Her Royal Majesty Queen Xantha


Xantha has golden hair with touches of grey. She has Grey-Green eyes that are wirily with age.


She has one daughter that we know of, called Princess Xera, cousin to Queen Ce'Nedra.


Unknown. The Dryads take advantage of Men who come into their woods.


Unknown. She lives as long as her Oak tree. She says to Polgara that she grows tired suggesting she is over a centaury old Probably older because of her Oak tree


As Queen she appears stern and stands by the treaty with the house of Borune and the Accords of Vo Mimbre.


She is a firm ally with Polgara the Sorceress and Belgarath the Sorcerer.


Queen of Sorcery

King of Murgos

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