Like sorcery and magic, witchcraft is one application of the supernatural power of will which, according to Belgarath, is inherent in all humans. Witchcraft is similar to magic (as practiced by Karands and Morindim) in that it works by summoning supernatural beings to do one's bidding, but several key differences exist. Whereas magic summons demons, powerfully dangerous physical beings from Hell, witchcraft deals with sprites, invisible spirits. Though these sprites must be manipulated and negotiated with, like demons, they seem able to exert physical forces and alter reality, more like sorcery.

Known practictioners of witchcraft include Vordai, Witch of the Fens, and certain Dals. The Dals were observed employing a sprite to propel the sails of a ship for a long period, a feat which greatly impressed Belgarath, who suggested that sprites are erratic and mischevious and difficult to control for so long. Interestingly, he expressed no such astonishment at Vordai, who cast a spell of perpetual rainfall over her village, an act reminiscent of Torak's infliction of perpetual darkness over Ashaba and Cthol Mishrak.

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