Character Info
Full name and title(s)
Vordai, the Witch of the Fens
Probably Drasnian

Vordai was a witch. When she was a young woman she performed witchcraft to help the people of her village. Eventually an angry mob tried to burn her at the stake for witchcraft. She cursed the villagers and their descendants to live under never ending rain and fled to the Drasnian fens. She became friends with the fenlings and used her powers to slowly modify them and make them more intelligent.

On their journey to Cthol Mishrak, Belgarion and Belgarath were captured by Vordai. She negotiated their release if Belgarath would use his sorcery to grant the fenlings the power to speak. Belgarath, feeling sorry for Vordai, complied, and told Vordai that although they had the ability, they knew very few words, and so she was to teach them to speak. She died sometime before the events of The Malloreon.

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