Vetter was Silk's (and Yarblek's) factor in Melcena. He was a Melcene with a narrow-faced intelligent man and a nervous tic in his left eyelid. Silk described him as "one of the best" and that "he gets things done and he never gets excited." Silk and Yarblek lured him away from Brador's secret police, and Silk mentioned "he has a good head for business and he's had all that training in the intelligence service."

Vetter seemed on top of all information in the world, as well as the commodities market. He was very efficient and effective in his role. He also maintained his contacts with his former associates in Mal Zeth, so he more or less knew who Silk's guests are and his mission was. Silk mentioned that Brador was trying to lure him back, but Silk had more money than Brador has. Vetter also bribed some of the Melcene Consortium's members to figure out their prices. Vetter also mentioned in passing about Senji, the clubfooted alchemist at the University of Melcena -- the clue that Belgarath needed.

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