Tupik was a male fenling and mated to Poppi. Tupik had brought Silk, Garion, and Belgarath to Vordai's island. Tupik was nervous about fire and boiling water. The witch Vordai requested that Belgarath ask Aldur to give them speech after it was questionable whether Belgarath had exhausted his ability. Tupik then led the trio from the fens and thanked Belgarath and "gave" Silk a frog.

Later, in the Malloreon, the fenlings demonstrate that their ability of speech is far more advance and relayed a message from Vordai to Garion, that there is an evil that moves against him, that the evil has many faces and the faces do not always agree, but that which is behind it all has no face and that it comes from much farther than Garion thinks -- from beyond the stars.

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