TitlesThe Silent Man
First AppearanceGuardians of the West

Toth was the mute servant and bodyguard of Cyradis during the events of The Malloreon. He is described as a giant, very muscular and clothed in a sleeveless short kirtle, made of coarse, undyed cloth, and is belted at the waist. He also wore sandals, and an unbleached wool blanket drawn over one shoulder. His non-descrept brown hair was drawn straight back and tied at the nape of his neck with a short length of leather thong. He is an expert with his stout, polished staff. He became good friends with Durnik. At first it seemed that Durnik alone could understand Toth's sign-language, but later he realized that Toth was telepathically communicating ideas directly into his mind. The relationship between the two was strained when Toth surrendered them to the Malloreans, but later they reconciled and enjoyed fishing together.

Toth is also immune to the power of Murgo Gold.

He was slain by the demon lord Mordja at Korim just prior to the final Event. After the Choice was made, Eriond created for Toth a tomb of crystal, full of flowers that would never fade.

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