Belgarion with the Sword of the Rivan King

The Sword of the Rivan King, also known as Iron-Grip's Sword. Wielded by the King of Riva, i.e. the Heir to Riva Iron-Grip's throne. It is an enormous two-handed sword forged from meteoric metal by Riva Iron-Grip, and has the Orb of Aldur as a pommel-stone. The sword serves as a conduit of the Orb's power—almost always wreathed in blue flames when it's drawn—and the Orb carries the sword's weight so that it's almost effortless to use. It was created when Belar, God of the Alorns, showed Riva Iron-Grip two falling stars whilst he was dreaming of Beldaran. Belgarath assisted Riva while he made the sword.

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