Thalesia is an island to the north of the Eosian continent. It is comparable to Scandinavia in the real world: relatively cold, and is isolated (to some extent) from the main continent by sea.

Thalesians have a reputation for ferocity, although this is probably due more to their typically heavy build than anything else. They also share their country with trolls and ogres, huge beasts about nine or ten feet tall and with a fondness for the taste of human flesh; however, this changes when Sparhawk makes a deal with the troll gods that involves the trolls no longer harming humans. Thalesia is ruled by the always-drinking King Wargun. The capital of Thalesia is Emsat. The Church Knights of Thalesia are the Genidians, of which Komier is the Preceptor and Sir Ulath is the Champion. Thalesia is also said to have a large number of rivers, as revealed when Ulath explains why the Genidians wear chain mail instead of plate armor.

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