Stragen was the head of the thieves in the city of Emsat in Thalesia. He was the illegitamate son of a minor nobleman and quite touchy about his origins. Possibly because of that, he preffered to be called Milord by those that worked for him, although he admits that this is at least partially an affectation. After encountering Sparhawk during the quest for Bhelliom, he later joined Queen Ehlana's court.

During the adventures in Tamul, the Baroness Melidere blackmailed Stragen into proposing to her in exchange for a method of stealing gold from coins without taking the coins directly. (He was initially deeply shaken by this revelation, and for a small period afterward could often be seen absently weighing two gold coins.) Later, he seemed to have softened towards her and was quite willing to marry her of his own volition, even to the point of threatening his friends about killing Elron, her attacker, and claiming his head for his own.

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