Sorgi is a grizzled Cammorian sea captain (commanding a similarly-grizzled ship) who possesses a voice "like a fog horn", he enters the story in The Diamond Throne by conveying Sparhawk and Sephrenia to Rendor. To disguise their identities and purpose from Martel's spies, Sparhawk introduces himself as "Master Cluff" and tells a fiction about being pursued by relatives of an ugly heiress. Sorgi learns the truth about Sparhawk in Domes of Fire, but he continues to address Sparhawk as "Master Cluff" for old time's sake. Later in The Tamuli, he offers his assistance to the Sparhawk and the Church Knights, first by being part of the convoy that carries a contingent of knights by sea to Matherion, capital of the Tamul Empire, and then by allowing Sparhawk, Stragen, and Talen to sneak away unnoticed from Matherion as part of his crew. The Tamuli ends with him taking Sparhawk and company back home to Eosia.

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