Scarpa is a major antagonist during the events of The Tamuli, particularly The Hidden City. He is the son of Zalasta and an unknown (though often referenced) Arjuni prostitute.

Scarpa is widely regarded as an unsavory character, even by his allies and father, and is feared by many who know him personally. Scarpa has multiple mental health problems, such as a childlike view of the world, a sociopathic outlook, bouts of severe agression and callousnes, dimentia, and possibly post-traumatic stress syndrome. While it is likely that some of these problems stem from physiological issues, most of these problems likely stem from his poor treatment as a child. (By his own account, his father all-but abandoned him, only occassionally appearing to show him the Styric society he would never otherwise experience; while his mother and her fellows would psychologically and perhaps physically abuse him.) Amid his dismal childhood, Scarpa utilized his rudimentary Styric abilities to earn money in carnivals and fairs, which gave him experience in the arts of manipulating and enflaming people.

Scarpa was eventually killed by a member of the Delphae while in Natayos.

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