Rak Urga is the current capital city of Cthol Murgos and is the main city of the House of Urga. It is in the Urga Military District in the southwest of Cthol Murgos and on the south side to the channel to the Gulf of Urga. Rak Urga does have a sizable harbor.

It has low, bleak stone buildings and stone quays, which jutted out into the lead-gray chop of the channel. The streets were narrow, and the buildings were built of roughly squared-off stones and topped by gray slate roofs that overhung the streets, putting the thoroughfares into a perpetually gloomy twilight. Murgos were typically arrogant, and the Rak Urgans were no different; there was an air of cold unconcern for normal human feelings, coup/\led with a sense of lingering fear. The Murgos wore black robes and did not speak nor acknowledge the presence of their fellow townsmen. Garion found Rak Urga to be unattractive.

Rak Urga also has two main buildings: a Grolim Temple where the late Hierarch Agachak and other Grolims resided and conducted their duties, and the Drojim Palace of King Urgit.

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