Rak Hagga was one of the capital cities of Cthol Murgos, in the eastern-most military district of Hagga. It was a popular destination for Tolnedran merchants and the Nyissan slave trade (Said mentioned that he had been there in his youth, and that Rak Hagga has always been the center of the slave trade). But by the time of 5370 or so, Taur Urgas had moved his troops up to Rak Hagga, in preparation for war.

Rak Hagga is on the southern shore of Lake Hagga, a large lead-gray expanse. It is described as a large, walled city. By the time of 5382, when Garion and his party were captured at the Isle of Verkat and brought to Rak Hagga, it was described that the walls of Rak Hagga had been breached in several places, and the tops of the battlements were chipped and pitted from the storms of steel-tipped arrows that had swept over them. The heavy gates had been burst asunder during the final assault on the city and hung in splinters from their rusty iron hinges. It was at that time being used by Zakath as his headquarters for the Murgo campaign.

Many of the houses at that time were unroofed, with soot-blackened windows and streets were choked with rubble. Rak Hagga's stone houses attested to the savagery of the fighting which had ensued when Rak Hagga had fallen.

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