Ortzel was the Patriarch of Kadach in Lamorkand, and brother to the Baron Alstrom. Originally very stern, unbending, and following the Elene doctrine to the letter, Ortzel was the opposing candidate, against Annias, for the Archprelacy. When Queen Ehlana summarily maneuvered Dolmant to the Archprelacy, Ortzel cast his vote for Dolmant. After Dolmant's election, Ortzel was made the head of the Elene College of Theologians. Living in Chyrellos has softened his demeanor, and in the Tamuli, he appears to have a much more worldly view than before. He recounts the tale of Drychtnath, the Lamork national hero, to Sparhawk and company.

Although he was by no means as worldly as Emban, he had nonetheless reacted to the sophistication of his colleagues in the Basilica. He smiled occasionally now, and he appeared to be developing a sly, understated sense of humour. Sparhawk had met with him on several occasions since Dolmant had ordered the cleric to Chyrellos, and the big Pandion found that he was actually beginning to like the man. -Domes of Fire

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