This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Prince Meldig is the youngest of King Fulrach and Queen Layla's children, at least during Enchanters' End Game (for now?) He is probably born around 5366-5371.

Trailing behind them with a look of wide-eyed interest came little Prince Meldig, Queen Layla's youngest child. In one hand the prince held a jam pot, and his face was liberally smeared with the contents. "Oh, that's just impossible," Layla exclaimed, jumping to her feet. "You girls are supposed to be watching him." She bustled over to the jam-decorated prince, crumpled the parchment she was holding and began wiping his face with it. Abruptly she stopped. "Oh dear," she said as if suddenly realizing what she was doing. "Was this important, Count Brador?" she asked the Tolnedran, holding out the rumpled, sticky document. -- Enchanters' End Game

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