Mal Zeth is the capital city of the continent of Mallorea at the time of Zakath and Belgarion. It was originally founded as the seat of the Angarak military forces, but has evolved, especially after Kallath was appointed OverGeneral of the armies of the Angarak, Emperor of Melcene and Command in Chief of Angarak in 3831.

Mal Zeth in Ancient Mallorea

Torak appeared in 4850 after eons of seclusion at 4850 and a council of war was convened in 4852 at Mal Zeth, indicating its rise to prominence.

After the invasion of Torak to the West and his defeat at the Battle of Vo Mimbre, Korzeth deposed of the his aged father and then smothered all opposition and reunified Mallorea after a major bloodbath. At this point, and through the descendants of Korzeth, the center of power shifted from Melcena to Mal Zeth.

Mal Zeth is divided into sections for housing and business, and the sections are determined by rank. These are controlled by the Bureau of Promotions. Mal Zeth does not have any white marble, but some of the structures are painted white.

The valley beyond the crest stretched not for miles, but for leagues, and it was filled to overflowing with the city of Mal Zeth. The streets were as straight as tautly stretched strings, and the buildings gleamed-not with marble, for there was not marble enough in all the world to sheath the buildings of this enormous city -but rather with an intensely gleaming, thick white mortar that seemed somehow to shoot light at the eye. It was stupendous. -- The Demon Lord of Karanda

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