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Below is a list of countries in The Elenium (a series of fantasy novels by David Eddings), and its sequel, The Tamuli.


Appearing as the western continent in the novels, the Eosian continent is the main setting for The Elenium. It is inhabited, for the most part, by Elenes, although there are also small numbers of Styrics. Elene is the most widely used language, although Styric is also spoken: the languages are generally divided by race, as opposed to nationality.


Elenia is the main country of The Elenium. As with most countries in the series, it is ruled by a monarch; in this case, it is Queen Ehlana (the wife of Sparhawk, the main character in the series). It has two major cities; the capital is Cimmura, on the banks of the Cimmura river, which is the setting for a significant proportion of the series and the residence of Ehlana, Sparhawk and several other characters. The second is Demos, which is less significant, although Kurik (Sparhawk's squire) lives there.

Church Knights (elite troops sworn to defend the Elene church) from Elenia are known as Pandions, of which Sir Sparhawk is the Champion and Vanion is the Preceptor.


Thalesia is an island to the north of the Eosian continent. It is comparable to Scandinavia in the real world: relatively cold, and is isolated (to some extent) from the main continent by sea. Thalesians have a reputation for ferocity, although this is probably due more to their typically heavy build than anything else. They also share their country with trolls and ogres, huge beasts about nine or ten feet tall and with a fondness for the taste of human flesh; however, this changes when Sparhawk makes a deal with the troll gods that involves the trolls no longer harming humans. Thalesia is ruled by the always-drinking King Wargun. The capital of Thalesia is Emsat. The Church Knights of Thalesia are the Genidians, of which Komier is the Preceptor and Sir Ulath is the Champion. Thalesia is also said to have a large number of rivers, a s revealed when Ulath explains why the Genidians wear chain mail instead of plate armor.


Arcium is to the south of the Eosian continent. Its most notable feature is the large number of stone walls that cross the countryside, seemingly at random. Arcians are also very pious, and this has led the kingdom to be described as "God's own rock garden". The country has a reputation for producing good wines and bad popular literature. Arcium is known to be the best place to get a castle built as with the little number of wars that exist in the country, it has been said that the Arcians build castles to pass the time between wars. King Dregos is the ruling monarch of Arcium, and he maintains his capital at Larium. The Church Knights of Arcium are known as Cyrinics of which Abriel is the Preceptor and Sir Bevier is the Champion.


Deira is the kingdom to the north of Elenia. Not much is known about Deira except that it is a monument to bleak grandiosity, and that they are the principle armorers in Eosia, as renowned for their immense and superior armor. The ancient King Obler is the ruler of the country, and he maintains his capital at Acie. The Church Knights of Deira are known as Alciones, of which Darellon is the Preceptor and Sir Tynian is the Champion.


Cammoria is a kingdom that lies to the east of the Elenian/Arcian border. While this kingdom's characteristics are never mentioned in depth, it is hinted to be the Eosian 'cultural' center. Cammoria boasts trade and has the Eosian continent's finest medical university at Borrata. Cammoria has no Church Knights of its own. The ruler of Cammoria is King Brissant; he does not appear in the series, but it is mentioned that he has spent much time with "Otha camped on his border".


Lamorkand is a civil-war ravaged kingdom to the east of Elenia. The main Lamork trait is revenge - a Lamork will sacrifice his entire life and livelihood in order to enact revenge. The king of Lamorkand is King Friedahl, but it is a well-known fact throughout Eosia that King Friedahl has little control over an ever-impending general civil war, or the thousands of feuds that perpetually ravage his kingdom. He is said to rule only at "the sufferance of the barons", with "the barons" being the nobility who are always at war with each other.


Pelosia is immediately to the west of the Zemoch border, east of Deira, and north of Lamorkand. The ruler of the Kingdom of Pelosia is King Soros, an extremely pious man who is said to spend more time praying than anything else. Pelosia is named for the Peloi, a nomadic group of horsemen who roam the western border. Pelosia has no distinct Order of Church Knights, but the Peloi more than capably serve as the protectors of the kingdom — Tynian once stated that the Peloi presence on the Zemoch border was probably the reason Otha invaded Lamorkand rather than Pelosia. Pelosians are known for wearing pointed hats.


Chyrellos is the seat of the Elene Church. Not a kingdom, but more of a city-state (much like the real-world Vatican), it lies in the bordered center of the Eosian continent, at the place where Elenia, Arcium, Cammoria, Lamorkand, and Pelosia meet. Chyrellos is not subject to any monarchy, but is ruled by the Church, or more specifically, the Archprelate. The Basilica at Chyrellos is the main Cathedral of the Elene Church, and all Four Orders of Church Knights maintain chapterhouses there. Many Patriarchs of the Church also maintain homes in Chyrellos.


Daresia is the eastern continent in series, and is almost entirely subject to the Tamul empire. As would be expected from the title, The Tamuli is set mainly on this continent.

The regions that make up the Tamuli Empire are:




It is found in the north and inhabitated by Atas, fierce, and awesome warriors. It's capital is Atana. The Atans sold themselves into a kind of perpetual slavery to the Tamuls as a means to save their race from extinction by their homicidal nature.ъ







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