Lamorkand is a civil-war ravaged kingdom to the east of Elenia. The main Lamork trait is revenge - a Lamork will sacrifice his entire life and livelihood in order to enact revenge. The king of Lamorkand is King Friedahl, but it is a well-known fact throughout Eosia that King Friedahl has little control over an ever-impending general civil war, or the thousands of feuds that perpetually ravage his kingdom. He is said to rule only at "the sufferance of the barons", with "the barons" being the nobility who are always at war with each other. There was a long-standing 'rule' that Lamork barons were not allowed to seek allies in other Elene nations, so as not to plunge the continent into civil war. 

The National hero of Larmokand is Dryctnath, who rebelled against the Elene Church in antiquity and still influences the warring factions thousands of years later. During the days of Drychtnath, the country was known as Lamorkland.

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