Kurik's eldest son, he took on his father's role as Sparhawk's sqire immediately after Kurik's funeral. While Sparhawk insisted that this wasn't necessary, he was not able to dissuade the young man. On the other hand, Sparhawk has made Khalad a Pandion novice with the full intent of seeing him knighted. While Khalad excels, he is not comfortable around the nobles of the order, nor are all of them accepting of him. Khalad is notable for being something of a genius, especially in mathematics and the physics of engineering. He puts his abilities to good use in building long-range weapons, and is extremely accurate in the use of his crossbow. On one occasion in 'The Shining Ones', he killed off an enemy character using only one shot because he had calculated the required trajectory beforehand on paper, and thus didn't have to waste his crossbow bolts. Like his father, he is brusque and practical-minded. He treats Sparhawk like an equal, comepletely disregarding the Pandion Knight's nobility and his own peasant background to the point where he actually drily makes fun of Sparhawk at times.

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