The Karands, or occasionally the Karandese, were a race of men that inhabited North-Eastern Mallorea. One of the Godless Ones of men, they probably journeyed north with the Morind, and were separated by the Sea of the East when Torak cracked the Earth. They are portrayed as fairly backwards, their cities mere shanty towns that are badly maintained. The Karands are aggressive, confrontational, slow to think and unclean. 

Like the Morindim, the Karands practice demon worship, and established the Seven Kingdoms in the distant past. They were later absorbed by the expanding Melcene Empire, and then integrated into the Mallorean Empire. Following Torak's defeat at the Battle of Vo Mimbre, Mallorean society was on the verge of collapse, with some movement towards reforming the Seven Kingdoms. A Mallorean Emperor named Korzeth forced a bloody reintegration of the constituent parts of the Empire.

During the Malloreon, whilst Emperor Zakath was conducting an invasion of Cthol Murgos, the Karands attempted to violently secede from the Empire using an army of demons. In reality, this was part of a larger plot by the Demon Lord Nahaz to seize power in the human realm. His plans defeated, Nahaz abandoned the Karandese rebels and they were crushed by Imperial forces.

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