Queen Islena
TitlesQueen of Cherek
First AppearancePawn of Prophecy

Islena was wife to King Anheg and Queen of Cherek. She did not command a great deal of respect from Anheg, who was a conservative ruler, and who openly admitted he did not 'marry her for her mind'. She was a mystic, who dabbled in magic and fancied herself a sorcerer.

During Anheg's absence, commanding the Cherek fleet as part of the campaign in the East (Enchanter's Endgame), Islena was one of the Alorn queens who took over as ruler of their husband's kingdom. Due to her sympathies with the Bear-Cult and her demure nature that let Grodeg the High Priest of Belar bully her, the Cult attemped to sieze  power before Islena, with the help of Merel expelled the Cult from Val Alorn. 

Until the day when, dressed in regal crimson velvet and with her gold crown firmly in place, she had marched into the vaulted throne room at Val Alorn to announce that she would rule the kingdom in her husband's absence, Islena's most momentous decisions had involved which gown she would wear and how her hair was to be arranged. -Enchanter's End Game

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