This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Ildera was an Algar woman, the wife of Geran V - an heir to the Rivan Line - the mother of Garion, daughter-in-law of Darral and Alara, and the niece-in-law of the sorceress Polgara. She was also the aunt of Adara; Adara's mother was one of her sisters. Polgara once described her as adorable, with "a silvery laugh". She was beloved enough to get away with making ribald jokes with the sorceress.

Unfortunately, she also lived in the crosshairs of the Grolim Chamdar. After Ildera became pregnant in 5354, Chamdar began manipulating Alara, who'd been struggling with mental illness ever since a supposed accident killed her husband, causing the poor woman to wander the forests outside of Annath. As Polgara went searching for Alara one night during a snowstorm, Chamdar used his powers to cause Ildera to go into labor. A midwife managed to help her deliver Garion, but as she and her husband were resting from the ordeal, Chamdar set fire to their house, killing both of them, though not before the sorcerer Belgarath intervened to save Garion.