The Grolim Prophecies of Rak Cthol was picked up by Belgarath in Cthol Murgos, in the library of the Grolim temple in Rak Urga.

"The path that has been lost will be found again on the Southern Isle."

" 'Behold: In the days which shall follow the ascension of the Dark God into the heavens shall the King of the East and the King of the South do war upon each other, and this shall be a sign unto ye that the day of the meeting is at hand. Hasten therefore unto the Place Which Is No More when battles do rage upon the plains of the South. Take with thee the chosen sacrifice and a King of Angarak to bear witness to what shall come to pass. For lo, whichever of ye cometh into the presence of Cthrag Sardius with the sacrifice and an Angarak king shall be exalted above all the rest and shall have dominion over them. And know further that in the moment of sacrifice shall the Dark God be reborn, and he shall triumph over the Child of Light in the instant of his rebirth.' " (both in King of the Murgos and The Sorceress of Darshiva)