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Natural featuresEdit




Lakes and swampsEdit



Seas, bays, gulfs, and straitsEdit

Political and man-made featuresEdit

Countries and citiesEdit

  • Aloria, which split into:
  • Arendia, a kingdom of two (previously four) grand duchies:
    • Asturia
      1. Wildantor
      2. Vo Astur
      3. Vo Enderia
      4. Vo Serin
      5. Vo Aldurin
      6. Helberin
      7. Wilgrig
    • Erat, which largely became Sendaria during a civil war
    • Mimbre
      1. Vo Ebor
      2. Vo Kriederin
      3. Vo Mallerin
      4. Vo Mandor
      5. Vo Mimbre
    • Wacune, largely vanquished by Asturia, some areas merged with Erat to become Sendaria
      1. Vo Wacune
  • Cthol Murgos, administered by the military by district:
    • Araga
      1. Kahsha
      2. Rak Araga
    • Cthaka
      1. Rak Cthaka
    • Cthan
      1. Rak Cthan
    • Gorut
      1. Rak Gorut
    • Goska
      1. Rak Cthol
      2. Rak Goska
    • Hagga
      1. Rak Hagga
    • Morcth
      1. Rak Morcth
    • Urga
      1. Rak Urga
    • Verkat
      1. an unnamed village
      2. Rak Verkat
  • Gar og Nadrak
    1. Yar Gurak
    2. Yar Marak
    3. Yar Nadrak
    4. Yar Turak
  • Mallorean Empire, an alliance of two great powers, and their subject nations:
    • Mallorea proper
      1. Cthol Mishrak, the ancestral home of the Angaraks
      2. Mal Camat
      3. Mal Gemila
      4. Mal Yaska
      5. Mal Zeth
    • Melcene Empire, with six provinces:
      • Celanta
      • Darshiva
      • Gandahar
      • Melcena
        1. Melcene
      • Peldane
      • Rengel
    • Dalasia, nominally subject to Mallorea but fairly autonomous
      1. Dal Zerba
    • Karanda, composed of seven petty kingdoms:
      • Delchin
        1. Ushad
      • Ganesia
      • Jenno
        1. Calida
        2. Jenn
        3. Torpakan
      • Katakor
        1. Akkad
        2. Ashaba
        3. Bakan
        4. Kordaku
      • Pallia
        1. Dorikan
        2. Penn Daka
        3. Rakand
      • Voresbo
      • Zamad
  • Mishrak ac Thull
    1. Thull Mardu
    2. Thull Zelik
  • Nyissa
    1. Sthiss Tor
  • Sendaria
    1. Camaar
    2. Darine
    3. Erat
    4. Medalia
    5. Muros
    6. Seline
    7. Sendar
    8. Sulturn
    9. Upper Gralt
  • Tolnedra
    1. Anadile
    2. Dravor
    3. Tol Borune
    4. Tol Honeth
    5. Tol Horb
    6. Tol Marin
    7. Tol Rane
    8. Tol Vordue
    9. Valdet
    • Maragor, conquered and annexed after a genocidal war
      1. Mar Amon
      2. Mar Terrin, on the border with Tolnedra, site of a monastery where monks do penance to assuage the nation's guilt
  • Ulgoland
    1. Prolgu


  • Great North Road, runs from Muros on the west to Boktor on the east, crossing the Aldur River at Aldurford, construction of a causeway was necessary to pass the Mrin Marsh
  • Great West Road, with a southern terminus in Tol Borune, it runs north through Tol Honeth and the Forest of Vordue, crosses the River Arend and skirts the foothills of the mountains of Ulgoland until it enters Sendaria and meets the Great North Road at Muros
  • North Caravan Route, from Boktor on the west to Yar Turak in the east, by way of Yar Nadrak
  • South Caravan Route, begins in the west at Tol Honeth and passes by the northern border of Maragor, through the mountains until it meets the Sea of the East at Rak Goska

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