The Genidian Order are protectors of far-off and mountainous Thalesia, their King is the boisterous two-fisted drinker, Wargun. Their Preceptor is Lord Komier. Sir Ulath is the paramount Knight of the Genidian Order, and in many ways, the ideal Genidian- strong, silent, massively muscled, and blonde-braided. Like all the members of his Order, Sir Ulath wears chain mail armor due to the number of rivers in Thalesia. A chain mail shirt can easily be shrugged off by its wearer, unlike plate mail. For formal occasions, Genidians wear green surcoats and their helmet is adorned with a pair of curved ogre horns. These incredibly hard horns have saved Ulath's life, deflecting a potentially killing axe blow during the Siege of Chyrellos. Genidians favor a heavy war axe as their preferred armament. The Genidians appeal to the Styric god, Hanka for their spells.

The Genidians seem to be the most independent and unscrupulous of all the orders. The Genidians apparently find themselves in the strangest situations, partially due to living in the natural territory of Trolls and Ogres. Ulath said that a Genidian once sent Komier a report written on human skin because there wasn't anything else to write on at the time (no further details were provided.) Sir Ulath said that many of the Genidians are actually of common birth, but they get King Wargun roaring drunk before filing in new recruits so they can have titles bestowed upon them. The Genidian's independent streak has also extended to having a democratic process to select their preceptors--the other orders send a panel of names to the Hierocracy of the Church so that their new leader can be selected, but, as Ulath put it: "We make it easier for them. We only send one name." The Genidians have an almost Pandion-like abruptness in dealing with problems, particularly when dealing with pompous official sorts. Ulath explained an instance where their former preceptor wanted the order to switch to plate mail, like the Pandions, Cyrinics, and Alciones. When the man wouldn't listen to the reasons for the Genidians wearing chain mail (that it offers reasonable protection against any threats up there, and a knight can pull his chain shirt off should he fall into one of Thalesia's numerous rivers), a demonstration was arranged. A Genidian in chainmail was tossed into the harbor at Emsat, and managed to get out of the shirt and to the surface in under a minute. Then the Preceptor wanting the switch was tossed in, wearing plate mail. He never came back up. Ulath told his friends, "I guess he found something more interesting to do down there."

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