TitlesKing of Sendaria
First AppearancePawn of Prophecy

King Fulrach was the king of Sendaria during the time of Garion. He was married to Queen Layla. He was first introduced in the Belgariad when he ordered Captain Brendig, a baronet who soon became a trusted advisor to the king, to escort Belgarath and his party to Sendar. He was often invited as a member to the Alorn Council and was crucial in planning the supply routes and sanitation at the diversionary campeign that culminated in the battle of Thull Mardu, as, despite appearances (he was consistently described as "dumpy looking"), he had a remarkable grasp of military logistics leading up to the Battle of Thull Mardu. He was a descendant of Fundor the Magnificent.

"You're not a bad man, Fulrach," Mister Wolf said. "Not perhaps as bright as I might wish, but a good man nonetheless." -Pawn of Prophecy

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