Elenes are a race native to Eosia (although there is an unsubstantiated theory that they actually originated on the Daresian Continent, as did the other human races, and then migrated westward). They are by far the most widespread of the races, occupying and forming the bulk of the population of all of Eosia and even having kingdoms of their own- Astel, Edom and Daconia - in the westernmost area of Daresia.

The Elenes are a highly sophisticated race with advanced reading and writing systems, as well as political ingenuity which surpasses all other races. Unlike the Styrics, however, the Elenes are generally fierce and warlike (as evidenced by the existence and sheer size of the Church Knights), and are the only nation that uses steel (at least with regard to armor and weapons, though they certainly use it for domestic uses far more than other races). There is also a strong racial superiority in the Elene character, perhaps surpassing that of the Tamul. As a result of these two shortcomings, the average Elene has difficulty accepting the customs of other races, particularly the Styrics, which has led to many attacks on Styric villages across Eosia. Unfortunately, the Elene Church labels Styrics as "heathens" as well, due to their worship of the Younger Gods of Styricum, which has caused some Elene priests and Patriarchs to publicly denounce them and so further enflame the racial tensions; fortunately, the Archprelate at Chyrellos has traditionally condemned these attacks, and the Church Knights are instructed to deal harshly with anyone who performs unprovoked attacks on Styrics (which, coupled with what Patriarch Bergsten says about Aphrael in The Hidden City, seems to suggest that the upper echelons of the church, at least, do believe in or at least entertain the idea of the Younger Gods).

Although the majority of Eosia is composed of Elenes, the continent is further divided into different kingdoms, with completely separate monarchs and independent (though highly connected) politics. As a result, Elenes are sometimes labeled with other titles: Elenians, Lamorks, Rendors, Thalesians, Edomish (for those who live in Astel), and others.