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Queen Ehlana encased in crystal by Keith Parkinson

TitlesQueen of Elenia
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

Mentored by Sparhawk since she was little, Queen Ehlana ascended the throne after the assassination of her father, Aldreas. Because of her time with Sparhawk, Ehlana developed a highly assertive personality. Because of this, Queen Ehlana was poisoned by the drug darestim by the Primate Annias in his attempt to steal the throne of Elenia—with Darestim, the same poison with which he killed Aldreas. She was cured by the touch of Bhelliom, and shortly after her recovery, she married Sparhawk. At the end of The Elenium, Ehlana gives birth to Danae, who is revealed to be an incarnation of the Goddess Aphrael; however Ehlana is unaware of her daughter's true identity. It should also be noted that due to her poisoning, Ehlana was struck barren, although she herself was unaware of this fact; if not for Aphrael's "meddling" in the matter, Ehlana would never have conceived a child.

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