Drychtnath, whose name means Dreadnought, was a legendary Lamork warrior. His deeds in life proved inspiration for a poet to compose the Drychtnath Saga, an epic poem, about him. After winning the kingship of Lamorkand and learning the secret of steel from the giant Kreindl, Drychtnath decided to conquer the world. The Elene Church sent Starkad to pose as Drychtnath's friend and kill him. It is prophesised in the poem that someday the war god Hrokka will relent and release Drychtnath from death.

Ortzel recounts the tale of Drychtnath to Sparhawk and company when the name of the legendary warrior is being used to stir up rebellion in Lamorkand. 

Now as all men know, the Age of Heroes was an age of bronze. Massive were the bronze swords and the axes of the heroes of yore, and mighty were the thews of the men who wielded them in joyous battle. And none there was in all the length and breadth of Lamorkland mightier than Drychtnath the smith. - Domes of Fire

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