The Cyrinic Order are protectors of the pious Kingdom of Arcium, and King Dregos. Cyrinics are renowned for their piety, and sometimes, tendency towards melodrama. The Preceptor of their Order is Lord Abriel, an aged but still steadfast Knight. The Champion of the Order is Sir Bevier. Cyrinic Knights are easily identified by their highly burnished armor, open-faced helmets with heavy noseguards, and pristine white surcoats. They are the world's acknowledged experts in sieges, as well as siege engine construction. Their Champion, Sir Bevier, eschews the standard sword in favor of a grim Lochaber axe. The Cyrinic Knights call upon the Styric god, Romalic for their spells.

The Cyrinics are the most likely to completely follow the letter of the law, though they, too, will do what they have to. Once a Cyrinic Knight is certain he's standing on firm theological ground, he can act with startling abruptness. Sir Bevier once commanded a pompous soldier to clear his troops from a city gate. After reminding the soldier of his ecclesiastical rank, and getting the soldier's steadfast refusal to follow orders from a ranking churchman, Bevier proceeded to lop off the offending soldier's head with a single swipe of his gruesome Lochaber axe and led the other soldiers in prayer for the dead man's soul.