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The Belgariad and The Malloreon are a two-part fantasy epic written by David Eddings. This is a list of the major characters that appear in both parts of the story. (For a list of the races in the series, see Races in the "Garion" novels.) Note: All of the statements (deceased, married) are written from the current information by the end of the series.

Heroes of the ProphecyEdit

Note: These characters are the main protagonists to the story, arranged in order of first appearance. There are many other minor and supporting protagonists, including some royalty.

  • Garion -called the "Child of Light" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Polgara- called "Beloved" in the Mrin Codex. 
  • Durnik,- called the "Man with Two Lives" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Belgarath - called the "Eternal Man" or "Ancient One" in the Mrin Codex. 
  • Silk, - called the "Guide" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Barak, -called the "Dreadful Bear" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Hettar, a- called the "Horse Lord" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Lelldorin, - called "the Archer" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Mandorallen, - called the "Knight Protector" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Ce'Nedra - called the "Queen of the World" in the Mrin Codex. 
  • Sadi- called "The Man who is no Man" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Poledra, - called "The Woman Who Watches" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Relg-called the "Blind Man" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Taiba- called the "Mother of the Race that Died" in the Mrin Codex.
  • Velvet- called the "Huntress" in the Mrin Codex.


  • Asharak, (Real name is Chamdar, deceased). A Murgo Grolim and disciple of Ctuchik. Killer of Garion's parents.
  • Brill, (Real name is Kordoch, deceased). A Dagashi assassin charged with disrupting Garion's quest.
  • Ctuchik, (deceased) disciple and high priest of Torak. Resides at Rak Cthol in Cthol Murgos.
  • Zedar (Formerly known as Belzedar) disciple of Torak, but formerly a disciple of Aldur. For the change in his allegiance, Zedar is also called the Apostate.
  • Urvon, (deceased) disciple of Torak.
  • Zandramas, (Deceased) Priestess of Torak. Stole Belgarion and Ce'Nedra's son. The opposition of Geran in The Mallorean as Child of Dark.
  • Torak (deceased) One-Eye, the Dragon God of Angarak. One of the seven deities who created the world. Torak prefers to be called Kal Torak ("Kal" meaning "King and God").

Royalty Edit

Disciples of Aldur Edit

  • Beldin, the Dwarf. Ethnicity unknown because of his extreme deformities.
  • Belgarath, the "The Ancient and Beloved". First disciple of Aldur. Father of Polgara.
  • Belkira, an Alorn shepard. Twin of Beltira.
  • Beltira, an Alorn shepard. Twin of Belkira.
  • Belzedar, the Apostate. Originally one of Aldur's disciples, but later turned sides and became a disciple of Torak.
  • Belmakor, (deceased) the Melcene.
  • Belsambar, (deceased) the Angarak.
  • Beldurnik, the "The Man with Two Lives". He is taken as a disciple in The Malloreon. Husband of Polgara.
  • Belgarion, The Child of Light. Special status in ranks of disciples. Grand-son of Belgarath and Great-nephew of Polgara.
  • Polgara, "Beloved Daughter". Daughter of Belgarath and Poledra and aunt of Garion. Special status in ranks of disciples.
  • Poledra, "The Woman Who Watches". Wife of Belgarath and Mother of Polgara. Special status in ranks of disciples.

Deities Edit

Main article: Deities in the "Garion" novels

Other Minor and Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Grinneg, cousin to Barak and King Anheg. Cherek ambassador at Tol Honeth.
  • Kador (deceased), the head of the Vordue family and the Grand Duke of Tol Vordue, executed for treason.
  • Oltorain, a Mimbrate Arendish nobleman, brother of Ariana.
  • Count Reldegen, Lelldorin's uncle.
  • Earl of Seline, a Sendarian nobleman and advisor to King Fulrach.
  • Baron of Vo Ebor (deceased), Mandorallen's mentor. Husband of Nerina.
  • Xantha, Queen of the Dryads.
  • Xera, Ce'Nedra's Dryad cousin.

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