To save space, I think we could use Book Annotations such as these:

The Belgariad

Annotation Book Nowiki markup
B1 Pawn of Prophecy [[Pawn of Prophecy|B1]]
B2 Queen of Sorcery [[Queen of Sorcery|B2]]
B3 Magician's Gambit [[Magician's Gambit|B3]]
B4 Castle of Wizardry [[Castle of Wizardry|B4]]
B5 Enchanters' End Game [[Enchanters' End Game|B5]]

The Malloreon

Annotation Book Nowiki markup
M1 Guardians of the West [[Guardians of the West|M1]]
M2 King of the Murgos [[King of the Murgos|M2]]
M3 Demon Lord of Karanda [[Demon Lord of Karanda|M3]]
M4 Sorceress of Darshiva [[Sorceress of Darshiva|M4]]
M5 The Seeress of Kell [[The Seeress of Kell|M5]]

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