Bergsten is a former Genidian Knight of Thalesia, and that kingdom's Patriarch in the Hierocracy. He is a good friend of Sparhawk and his companions.  He is notable among the other Patriarchs for constantly wielding a large axe (although he constantly asserts that he is unable to fight due to his vows).

A huge, brutish-looking man, King Wargun explained his size: "He was an only child and didn't have to fight nine brothers and sisters for his supper every night." He runs into Aphrael and her cousin Setras in The Hidden City. He has a little trouble accepting their existence, believing that his Elene god would be furious with him if he spoke with them. Bergsten was introduced as the Patriarch of Emsat [in Thalesia]; since it was revealed that the Preceptors of the Four Orders are technically Patriarchs of the Church, upon Dolmant assuming the role of Archprelate, Bergsten was made a kind of "over-Patriarch" to whom the Preceptors would report directly.

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