Astel is an Elene territory in western Tamuli, just to the east of Zemoch. It is also the headquarters of the eastern branch of the Elene Church, headed by Archimandrate Monsel. Like most Elene territories, it is notable for its prejudice against the Styrics; however, Astel is notable in that it also harbors resentment toward the Tamul race and the Church Knights (the latter being a result of the long estrangement and now discontinued Church policies of torture). There are bands of Peloi roaming the plains.

Curiously, the name Astel also appears in the Eddings' Malloreon series. Located in the Dalasian Protectorates, the Astel River and Lake Astel are bodies of water in the southern portion of Mallorea. The river is divided between the Upper Astel River and the Lower Astel River, with Lake Astel dividing both branches. The city of Dal Astel is also located in the general vicinity, but oddly, it sits on a branch of the River Cendo, south of Lake Tobore.

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