This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Asrana was a countess of Asturia back when the sorceress Polgara was attempting to end the Arendish Civil War. Frustrated with the drunken incompetence of Oldoran, who at the time was the Duke of Astur, she readily agreed to help Polgara overthrow him in favor of Mangaran. Later, she married Baron Mandorin, of Vo Mandor, creating blood ties with Asturia's traditional enemy, Mimbre, and saw her status rise when Polgara managed to force the long-running civil war into a détente.

Unfortunately, she became addicted to political intrigue, and when Mangaran died and Asturia came under the rule of Nerasin, Oldoran's nephew, she decided to intervene and wage a campaign to make his life miserable. Nerasin did not take this well, and in 2327, he had her assasinated, though not before she and Mandorin started the hereditary line that would ultimately produce the heroes Mandor and Mandorallen.

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