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The Arjuni are one of the races which make up the Tamul Empire. They are known for being sly and untrustworthy and for being a race of slavers.

Though a minor race overall, several Arjuni play an important (and antagonistic) role in the events of The Tamuli: their king, Jaluah, pledged his support to Scarpa (although he was prepared to betray his allies to the Tamul government if he was not given certain boons); Sarabian's Arjuni wife, Torellia, was in on the plot to assassinate him and to take control of the Empire, likely acting under the orders of her king; and Scarpa himself, who kidnapped Ehlana and Alean while also fighting the Church Knights militarily, was half-Arjuni on his mother's side and was raised in the region.

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